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Don Bosco is an Italian Technical high school abroad.

Curriculum Languages: Italian - English - Arabic.

Mission: The most important is that of forming young generations of the lower middle classes of the country through a five-year or three-year technical and vocational course. All the courses are tailored to the higher education standards of the Italian higher technical training institutes and they provide a degree recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, the European Community and the Egyptian Government. Our facilities provide students with the most modern learning methods and the latest technologies to learn easilyAll this is done in close collaboration with the most important national and international companies in Egypt that each year ask our students to be included in their staff as specialized technicians. There is an agreement with the companies that allows us to know, on a real-time, the actual market needs and to deliver the highly up-to-date effective school paths.

Moreover, the Institute delivers catalog courses in various technological areas to support the demands of local businesses.

The technical training we offer guarantees fast and secure access to the world of work.


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Historical Background

Don Bosco has a nearly centenary presence in Cairo.

The Salesians, arrived in 1926 and they immediately dedicated themselves to teaching and training the young generations of the Italian communities in Egypt. Over the years the Italian youths have been replaced from the locals, who now are the total of them.

The Don Bosco school founded a Presidential Memorandum of Understanding that defines mutual relations between the Egyptian Government, the Italian Government and the Don Bosco Institute.

At present, Don Bosco develops on two rows: technical school and catalog courses.


What happened from 1945 to 1970: a transition phase.

After 1945 almost all Italian families left Egypt.

The School for Accountants immediately disappeared, and gradually the Commerce, the High, the Middle and the Elementary Schools closed. Moreover, the biennial Technical School had been removed from the Italian school system.

A long journey of research begins towards the definition of a new identity, which finally takes shape with the solemn Protocol signed between Italy and Egypt on March 28, 1970.

What Happened From 1970 to Today:

The Technical Institute and the Professional Institute moved the first steps. Classrooms and laboratories were filled with technical and teaching equipment thanks to substantial funding from International Organizations

Finally, 1994 gave a decisive change to the technician and the professional order.


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